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Stop the press.

My CAD work makes the front page of Pro Landscaper!

Conservatory options.

A small selection of images from a collection I produced for a client showing different styles of conservatory furniture. Everything is to scale including the furniture which was built according to the manufacturers specification. It really helped the client visualise what she wanted and whether her preferred configuration actually fitted and worked in the space. Nothing worse than ordering an extra chair and finding out it doesn't fit!





Pinching a bit more 'space'.

I've been working on an interesting project and the designer has introduced a large mirror above a planted border. The 3D CAD image below shows how this cleverly makes the garden feel bigger and the reflections of the plants and stone add to the feeling of generosity!

Continuity and communication.

I'm just taking a break from working on a 3D CAD garden model with some challenging levels that have been cleverly managed with thoughtful and creative use of steps and subtle terracing. Luckily I've been in contact with the site architect as well as the garden designer and have been able to import the ground plan from the existing digital CAD files. This is always helpful and it's worth asking (if an architect is involved) whether there are digital survey or design plans available. In my experience architects are always willing to share this information and it enables everyone to work from the same basic plans. Continuity and communication is key when there are lots of things happening on site!


I'm proud to be posting this from the stuartroydesign office in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. I've been open for business for a while but the website is finally up and running and you may have recently received a postcard from me offering my services as a 2D and 3D CAD designer.

I'm passionate about producing CAD graphics and I'm constantly trying out new styles, methods and ways to improve my output. This work will ultimately be of benefit to all you designers out there as your ideas can be created in glorious full 3D. By me!

My process and skills are transferable to architects, garden designers, landscape architects, interior designers and more!

Hope to hear from you soon.

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